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The core of our work is professionalism, integrity, and honesty with an unwavering commitment to maintaining your best interests in driving a zero harm culture. Our work encompasses many things, but you can always find those core principles in everything we do. Through years of real world hands on experience, TAK has grown to be one of the top performers and highly recommended due to our “we are not safety police” rather coaches. Benefits of hiring TAK come in all forms, but most importantly we provide proper coaching to workers while the project in moving forward, no project shutdown, with the exception of a hazard situation, and we certainly do not remove personnel from a site, we simply train and coach all personnel so they know what safe is and spread it forward.

Good Business is safety first. TAK can help reduce workplace injuries and illnesses which will reduce the cost of workers compensation, medical expenses, government fines, and other expenses that can cost a company a lot. Out-sourcing Safety should not be considered and added expense but instead an important business asset to drive a zero harm culture. 

Safety monitoring and inspections - Conduct employee safety training and orientation - Attend project coordination meetings - Develop site specific safety plans and task hazard assessments - Complete daily safety tasks and responsibilities - Maintain project safety records and stats - Implement accident - management systems - Manage regulatory inspections - OCIP Assistance - Develop, Design, and Implement Safety Programs - OSHA Training and Site Specific Training - project Safety Oversight - Facility Safety Audits - Site Safety Evaluations - Accident & Near Miss Investigations - Workplace Safety Reorganization - Onsite and laboratory employee drug testing and more.

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