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No project, no matter how critical, is worth a lost finger, a blinded eye, or tragic loss of life. When safety becomes the primary guideline for progress, all parties reap the rewards of a job well done and done safely. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, take the extra time and do it safe.

TAK’s Safety Engineers continually go through a very rigorous training program as introduced by TAK’s corporate Health and Safety director to keep up with changing regulations and customer needs to include current and past data and project experience. TAK’s Health and Safety Engineers and Health and Safety Directors bring to the table decades of proven experience for all project situations and customer needs. Our commitment and drive for the best safety on any project is our main focus. TAK has a proven track record with decades of experience and relations with our customers.

TAK is a multi-disciplinary organization possessing the human resources and experience necessary to respond to a variety of situations. TAK’s Safety Engineers work in cooperation with our customers to develop proactive safety management solutions and strategies that improve safety performance, reduce risk, stop future accidents from happening, safely manage accidents if one was to occur, save costs and help our customers fulfill their “Corporate Social Responsibilities Commitment” to provide employees with a safe workplace.

Here at TAK Safety we hire only the best skilled, experienced professionals in the safety industry that are dedicated and have a passion to develop and train personnel, implement and inforce workplace safety, control and regulatory compliance, understand all situations and maintain a good safety culture on site. All our staff have real-world, practical safety experience to bring to your site anywhere in the world. Safety is our business and safety starts with us.

TAK has highly trained and experienced safety professionals that can assist a project site or facility with all their safety requirements, from designing a safety program, to training the employees, to on-site safety enforcement and investigations.

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